Promoting mental health awareness, fighting social stigma, and combating social isolation due to mental illness.

YEG Mental Health Speakers

Do you have lived experience with Mental Health and want to share your story with the community to help end stigma?

YEG Mental Health is looking to train speakers to speak at events in and around Edmonton.

YEG Mental Health in collaboration with Best selling author, life coach and empowerment trainer, Iman Gatti are looking to train speakers to speak at events in and around Edmonton.

Iman works closely with the speakers so that they can learn to share their personal stories in a compelling and inspiring way to increase mental health awareness.

This Summer Iman Gatti successfully trained our first two speakers Michelle Bagnell and Jennifer Hope.

The program is free to participants that are chosen. However you must apply with YEG Mental Health. Applicants are asked to share a one page (please no longer) summary of your mental health journey and why you think you’d be a good candidate to speak on mental health awareness.

All applicants will be screened for suitability!

Keep an eye on our announcements page for the next YEG Mental Health speakers training session.


Iman Gatti

Iman Gatti is the author of “Cracked Open ~ Never Broken “. She is an empowerment coach and a transformational speaker. Master trainer for YEG Mental Health speakers and a certified grief specialist (TM).

Through her work she helps people overcome self limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, and step fully into their limitless potential.


Michelle Bagnell

Michelle is a wellness entrepreneur, athlete, and registered nurse. She is passionate about travelling and preventive wellness. Her experiences range from being a yoga instructor, a professional fitness competitor, an English teacher in Beijing, a Reiki healer, and a personal trainer just to name a few. She is always pushing her limits spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Michelle’s online coaching business Movement with Michelle creates customized training, nutrition, and mindset programs. If you suffer from wanderlust, check out her holistic travel company The Forever Journey.


Jennifer Hope

Jennifer is the chair of YEG Mental Health and a passionate advocate for mental health awareness.

She shares her personal struggle and journey with mental illness and recovery through public speaking, and vlogging/blogging at BoldlyBPD. She has had her blog posts published on such sites as Sick Not Weak, and Mental Health Canada.

Jennifer brings her passion and life experience to help others know they aren’t alone.

“ Within my journey may you find HOPE!”